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About Us

At Harry’s, our menu has been curated to showcase Italian cuisine as it should be – cooked with care, plated with passion, and using the very best ingredients we can source. Delizioso is the word best used to describe our menu as we have a range of Italian delights on offer. You may have even heard of some of our Iconic dishes, from our Truffle Tagliolini to the Harry’s Toadstool dessert. Italian dining is all about feeding the heart, that is why we have a range of seasonal plates and family-style sharing options, from Pizza to Pasta and Meat dishes, you’ll find something for everyone to fall in love with.

The décor is designed to whisk you away to 1950s and 60s Italy. Autumnal coloured fabrics, deep green accents and colourful Murano glass bring the country’s glamourous heyday to life in London. Italian elegance also weaves its way into our drinks list, with an exceptional selection of Italian wines and cocktails.